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Samsungs’ Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge nearing its launch! Are you ready to embrace the revolution? March 04, 2016, 0 comments



It has been all over the news for quite sometime now. Just catch a glimpse of the crowd around you. What do you find? Half of them possess phones that belong to Samsung’s Galaxy S series while the other half proudly flaunts their Apple’s iPhones. People have grown smart and techie with time. The age new revolution to outsmart all existing technology with something wiser and smarter is the need of the day and the reason why our dearest brands like Samsung, LG and Apple are at the forefront today.

The above specified are among those brands that are highly popular among the new generation and people who are tech-lovers, as they always come up with newer ideas and unique technology that meets the modern day requirements.

Here is an overview of the rumors we have heard about the new releases probably in March:

Samsung Galaxy S7:

If rumors are to be believed, as reported by Spigen India which has already published a variety of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge cases and people can pre-order these.

Looks like Spigen India already knows the dimensions of Galaxy S7 and it has already designed cases that will fit in these phones.

Now you have some idea of what the new S7 will look like and even order for a case if the appearance impresses you.

Spigen India has made the next move wherein it states that these Edge cases will be available by this week while Samsung will officially unveil their new product sooner.

Kindly note, the original working model is not yet clear but these are just the mockups of the Samsung Galaxy S7 model that will be soon unveiled.

S7 Edge and its features:

  • MicroSD support up to 200 GB
  • Compact feel despite large display
  • Outstanding camera
  • Improved Edge menu
  • 1,000 mAh bigger battery than the S6

 It looks like a new dawn is going to conquer the world of technology. Keep calm and embrace the new revolution that is going to unveil soon.


Spigen Oneplus X Rugged Armor Case February 02, 2016, 0 comments

Stylishly designed with a large LCD capacitive touchscreen, high-end camera and a set of great connectivity features, OnePlus X becomes a valuable possession. If you are a proud owner of OnePlus X, ensure that you have all the accessories to keep the smartphone in pristine condition. To begin with, purchase a highly resilient case that offers all-round protection to your smartphone. The OnePlus X Case Rugged Armor will do the job perfectly and it will make sure your One Plus survives a drop unscathed.  

The case is designed in such a way that it enhances the style quotient of your smartphone. Faux carbon fibre textures and glossy accents add to the charm of this case. So, next time when you take your mobile phone out, people will be envying both your OnePlusX and the uniquely styled rugged armor case.  The style is not the only factor that makes this case appealing, but its highly resilient construction.  Corners are equipped with Air Cushion TechnologyTM for protection against small drops and bumps.  You don’t have to worry about dropping your phone anymore. Besides, the rugged and textured design enables you to carry the mobile phone around, with great ease. 

Built with great precision, the Raised lip and camera cut out of the case lift screen and lens off flat surfaces and protects the integral parts of your smartphone from scuffs and scratches. The single-layered TPU shell makes the case very flexible and easy to manage.  You will notice that the design and the construction provide a perfect fit. Unlike other bulky cases, the Rugged Armor case makes your Oneplus appear slim and beautiful. 

Reasonably priced, it is a perfect match for your OnePlusX. Available with all Spigen Retailers in India, grab the Spigen Oneplus X Rugged Armor case and give your smartphone the ultimate protection. The Case is compatible with OnePlus X (2015) and comes in black colour. 

To purchase other Spigen Gadget covers and cases online, visit us today!





Introducing stylish yet functional cases for your Nexus 6P Mobile Phone!! December 14, 2015, 0 comments

The year 2015 witnessed the launch of top-notch smartphones, including the much awaited Nexus 6P. The incredibly stylish, metal clad Nexus 6P smart phone, featuring a 5.7-inch Quad HD display, deserves the right protection and care. This is where the Spigen’s ultra-durable cases come into play. With the extra protection offered by these cases, you can carry your mobile phone anywhere and never worry about dropping it. 

Spigen Mobile accessories are known for their quality, affordability and value for money. These Nexus 6P cases are no exception. 

Nexus 6P Case Rugged Armor 
Priced at ₹899.00 INR, the Nexus 6P Case Rugged Armor case is a perfect protection mate for your smart phone. Apart from being highly durable, the rugged case enhances the style of the overall device, thanks to its glossy accents. Designed perfectly with carbon fiber textures, you can have a firm grip over the device and use it with great ease and comfort. For added flexibility and exact fit, the case comes in a single-layered TPU shell. 

Nexus 6P Case Thin Fit
Nexus 6P Case Thin Fit is next on the list. The uniquely designed thin case comes in black colour which compliments the overall design of Nexus 6P. Now, you can protect your mobile phone from everyday scuffs and scratches in style. Although thin in construction, the case is resilient to bumps and drops. The case, priced at ₹999.00 INR offers great value for your money. 

Nexus 6P Case Ultra Hybrid
If you are looking for extra protection, then Nexus 6P Case Ultra Hybrid should be the right choice. With its Air Cushion Technology construction, the corners of your smartphone are well protected from drops and bumps. Furthermore, the durable TPU bumper encases the hard polycarbonate back for enhanced grip and protection.

All these cases, along with several other accessories are available on tekkitake, the Spigen Official partner in India. 


Complete OnePlus 2 accessories now available on Tekkitake November 11, 2015, 0 comments

Give your OnePlus2 the protection and care it deserves. Spigen introduces a comprehensive range of accessories for your smartphone.

OnePlus 2 Case Rugged Armor

If you seek extra protection for your spanking new OnePlus 2(2015), then Spigen’s Rugged Armor™ case would be the perfect pick. Flaunting a rugged look, the Armor case is sure to protect your mobile phone in style. For all round protection, the corners of the case are equipped with Air Cushion TM Technology. It makes the case highly resilient to small drops and bumps. Raised lip and camera cut-out ensures that the device's screen and lens are protected when it comes in contact with flat surfaces.

For added flexibility and for comfortable fit, a single-layered TPU shell is used in its construction. You can grip the phone easily, thanks to its carbon fibre textures. The glossy accents and the revolutionized design further add to the charm of the case. 

OnePlus 2 Case Liquid Crystal

You can protect your OnePlus 2 mobile phone and at the same time show off its stylish body with Spigen’s Liquid Crystal™ case. Made from thin TPU material, the case can be gripped and used comfortably, while the Liquid Crystal™ offer improved protection against everyday scuffs and scratches.

OnePlus 2 Screen Protector Clear (Pack of 3) 

Next on the list is Spigen’s Crystal Clear Screen Protector. It comes in a pack of 3, and it safeguards the screen from scratches and marks. Crafted with perfection, the OnePlus 2 screen protector offers clarity for better display visibility. The 3H PET film is very thin and keeps dirt off the screen. The exact cutouts ensure unhindered touchscreen experience.

Spigen Car Mount Stealth

Car mount is a must-have accessory for your mobile phone. Both stylish and comfortable, the Stealth Universal Cradle from Spigen is a perfect addition to your smartphone. Whether your dashboard is curved or flat, the reusable gel pad securely adheres to your car dashboard. For better viewing options, It mounts phone horizontally with 2 different viewing angles.

The sleek design made of TPU offers additional protection to your phone from scratches. It is compatible with all smartphones and all Spigen Cases. Visit Spigen Dealer in India to know more about this product.

Check out the great reviews for the Spigen OnePlus 2 products here  @shahazadbagwan  and  @techmatrixx

So what are you waiting for? Order your product from the below links.

You can buy from our official website, @tekkitake and also  from amazon  @amazon.

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