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Samsungs’ Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge nearing its launch! Are you ready to embrace the revolution?

Posted on 04 March 2016



It has been all over the news for quite sometime now. Just catch a glimpse of the crowd around you. What do you find? Half of them possess phones that belong to Samsung’s Galaxy S series while the other half proudly flaunts their Apple’s iPhones. People have grown smart and techie with time. The age new revolution to outsmart all existing technology with something wiser and smarter is the need of the day and the reason why our dearest brands like Samsung, LG and Apple are at the forefront today.

The above specified are among those brands that are highly popular among the new generation and people who are tech-lovers, as they always come up with newer ideas and unique technology that meets the modern day requirements.

Here is an overview of the rumors we have heard about the new releases probably in March:

Samsung Galaxy S7:

If rumors are to be believed, as reported by Spigen India which has already published a variety of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge cases and people can pre-order these.

Looks like Spigen India already knows the dimensions of Galaxy S7 and it has already designed cases that will fit in these phones.

Now you have some idea of what the new S7 will look like and even order for a case if the appearance impresses you.

Spigen India has made the next move wherein it states that these Edge cases will be available by this week while Samsung will officially unveil their new product sooner.

Kindly note, the original working model is not yet clear but these are just the mockups of the Samsung Galaxy S7 model that will be soon unveiled.

S7 Edge and its features:

  • MicroSD support up to 200 GB
  • Compact feel despite large display
  • Outstanding camera
  • Improved Edge menu
  • 1,000 mAh bigger battery than the S6

 It looks like a new dawn is going to conquer the world of technology. Keep calm and embrace the new revolution that is going to unveil soon.


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